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Why Wrapideli?

Walter and Wendi Powell realized that when you are on the go, you are sometimes unable to take time to sit down for a full course meal. While they welcome you to do that in all of their restaurants, they also wanted to offer fresh, nutritious food for those who are in a hurry to get back on the road.

Sometimes, you just have to grab something and eat while you are driving or take it with you to eat at the next rest stop.

Usually, when you stop for something to eat quickly, the food is not very appealing, fresh or nutritious!

The Powells want to change all of that! Fast food can also be fresh food and a deli format is the perfect way to present the options. Immediately, a deli conjures up thoughts of many choices of sandwiches and salads…all freshly made on the premises. Delis are the staple of many neighborhoods, but not readily available along the highway.

Combining the fresh deli concept with a fast-service version is the perfect solution! Now, when you are driving and experience hunger, you don’t have to settle for the typical fast-food joints! You can actually enjoy a nutritious meal or sandwich and feel that you have made a healthier choice.

Stop by when you’re “in the neighborhood” and see for yourself!