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Welcome to Wrapideli!

Wrapideli is a new food concept to bring an alternative to the typical travel stations and truck stops’ food fare.  Fresh, Healthy and Wholesome doesn’t mean it has to be Slow! Founders Walter and Wendi Powell who have been the owners of Bob’s Big Boy truck stop and the newly-remodeled Lowell Mill Restaurant saw the need for an option to their sit-down concept, Lowell Mill.

“Some customers want to get in and out quickly, but want something more wholesome than typical fast food fare,” says Wendi Powell.  The solution is the new Wrapideli concept. This unique deli-style eatery greets you in front of the Lowell Mill Restaurant area at Bob’s Big Boy Travel Center.  They offer a wide variety of gourmet sandwiches, soups, and fresh pastries.

There is a wide variety of choices in each category. Beef, Chicken, Pork, Turkey and other specialty options are available, as well as Panini Grill-style sandwiches.  Add a soup or salad and get on your way quickly, or dine in if you have time.

They plan to launch online ordering, as well, in December to make pre-ordering easy. Your order will be waiting when you arrive!